Mask Distribution

As a company, we have always believed in serving the community and the underserved in various ways. In fact, Svatantra MHFC was set up with this very objective. Since the pandemic hit us, we have been supporting our customers, as most of our customers are self-employed and running small businesses, we knew that their incomes will be affected the most during the lockdown. Being part of our customers’ journey during the lockdown made us realize how important it is for them to go back to work and start earning to get back on their feet.

So when the unlock began, we wanted to help not just our customers, but to all self-employed or people working in the informal sector by protecting them when they go out and start their work because “Work from home” is not an option for the most. Hence, the “Mask Distribution Project”! We tied up with an NGO - Desai Foundation to assist us in this pursuit. We started with Gujarat & Rajasthan and distributed about 30,000 masks till now, across various cities like Surat , Vapi, and Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Jaipur, Phulera, Ajmer, Kuchaman, Boraj, Bichun, Jodhpur , Kishangarh are some other places in Rajasthan.

The SMHFC team as well as the volunteers were involved in this activity with great enthusiasm throughout distribution.