Stories of Impact

Kota, Rajasthan


Our customer Kamlesh and his wife are from Kota in Rajasthan. However, a few years back, the duo moved from Kota to Jaipur in search of better work opportunities. His expertise as a tailor proved fruitful and within a short time he found a job in a tailoring shop. Now, he works as the head tailor at a reputed tailoring unit in Jaipur.

Whilst his journey to make a stable career, family harbored a dream to own a home of their own. With this determination in his heart and years of systematic savings, Kamlesh has finally booked a home in Jaipur, and plans to move there with his wife and children soon.

SMHFC feels privileged to be a part of this customer’s journey, and wishes him and his family a joyous life ahead!