Customer Testimonials

Om Prakash Sain
Nasirabad, Rajasthan

"I took a loan from SMHFC to open this Hair Cutting Salon for Men and my experience with the team has been extremely satisfying. Before reaching SMHFC, I approached 2 or 3 financial companies but none of their offerings fit my requirements. I am quite impressed with their seamless loan processing, I applied for the loan from the comfort of my home and within a short span the loan amount was sanctioned, with the least amount of paperworks and without any hidden charges. Team has been consistent in their word since day one and I really feel grateful to them for being part of my long pending business goal."

Deepak Sahoo
Puri, Odisha.

“I belong to Puri in Odisha, where I run a small unit which makes and sells plastic flowers. Since most of my business transactions are in cash, I do not have any formal income proof documents. A while ago I got the Land Rights Certificate for a plot at Mishra Sahi, Puri by the Govt. Odisha, where I decided to build a 1 BHK house for my family. I had some savings, but it wasn't enough for the construction. I approached quite a few banks and financial institutions for a loan and was refused the same due to a lack of income documentation. But I am truly thankful to have met SMHFC team, who understood my situation and assisted me with the loan. Today, I am proud to own a lovely home, which is a big dream come true.”

Om Prakash Sharma
Kishangarh, Rajasthan

"I have always lived in a rented house. But a few months ago I got an opportunity of buying a house through the Rajasthan Housing Board. And that's when I approached a number of financial institutions, but they all refused my request because I didn't have income documents. I work as a salesman in a local saree shop and we don't have a formal workplace, so there was no way I could produce an income document. After a few days of running, I got to know SMHFC and was pleased that they understood my financial situation. A couple of days after the loan request and meeting with the team, my home loan was sanctioned hassle-free. Now we're staying in our own house, where we moved four months ago. It's a great sense to stay in your own home after years of dreaming about it. My family and I are grateful to SMHFC for helping us get a permanent roof over our head and a place that we can proudly call ours!"

Shesherao Suryawanshi
Latur, Maharashtra

“I have worked as a teacher for the past 15 years. For a long time I tried to get a loan from various Financial Institutions, but they always disapproved of the application without any specific reasoning. I got to know about SMHFC through a construction contractor. The moment I contacted the SMHFC team, an officer from the team visited me at the construction site, and within a few days the loan was sanctioned and the money was transferred directly to my bank account. The entire process was online and extremely transparent. The new house is my family’s pride and has helped us improve our standard of living”

Billu Roy
Kolkata, West Bengal

“I moved to the city of Kolkata 12 years ago for a better livelihood and stayed on rent in a kuccha house for a very long time. I dreamt about owning a house for my wife and child. We both work very hard to make our ends meet and never imagined in reality we could own such a beautiful flat in the city. I am grateful to SMHFC for giving us this loan and availing us the hassle-free benefits of CLSS subsidy.”

Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“Owing to the informal nature of my work and no other financial support, all my loan applications were denied from various financial institutions. Felt discouraged and I stopped applying for a loan and decided to put my dreams on hold. This is when someone told me about SMHFC-Svatantra Micro Housing Finance Corporation Ltd. I was so elated when my loan was sanctioned, with help of SMHFC's Team, loan processing was done within 8-10 days and today, I am a proud owner of my house.”

Renukaben Parmar
Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

“I am a single parent with two children. I lost my husband 4 years back and after his demise, I decided to continue living independently. I am thankful that I could afford a loan, with that, I also appreciate SMHFC for making the loan process so easy and effortless. The team provided me with the loan based on my tailoring income and in November-2019, we shifted to our own house. SMHFC gave me a Home Loan, irrespective of any family support, and helped me in providing a secure shelter to my children.”

Home Loan Client: Ravindra Kumar Sen
Ravindra Kumar Sen
Arang, Chhattisgarh.

“I have always lived in a joint family setup with 20 family members residing in a very small and congested house. I could never avail a home loan as I stay in the remote town of Arang in Chhattisgarh. I got my first loan from SMHFC in 2015 for purchasing the house, and later, I was also given a loan for renovating this house. SMHFC also applied for the CLSS subsidy on my behalf, and the amount was smoothly credited into my loan account. I have never come across a company that provides loans just by sitting at home, without any need to go to an office for the loan processes! I am really delighted with services offered by SMHFC, and after me, many of my friends and family members have also become proud SMHFC Customers!”

Yavatmal, Maharashtra.
Shubham Bahetwar
Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

“I always lived in a kuccha house. SMHFC helped me in financing the construction of a pucca house on my own plot of land. Owing to the informal nature of my work, I did not have proper income documents, but SMHFC still gave me a loan at a rate of interest which was affordable to me."

Pooja Kumari, Raipur, Chattisgarh.
Home Loan Client: Pooja Kumari
Pooja Kumari
Raipur, Chattisgarh.

“I am the only earning member of my family. I always dreamt of my home but never thought it would be possible owing to income constraints and lack of family support. 4 years ago, my dream turned into reality when I was provided Home Loan from SMHFC. The staff was very friendly, and the entire process was extremely hassle-free. The entire loan process was completed in 7-8 days, and there were absolutely no hidden charges involved!”