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Impact of Covid-19 on
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"Work From Home" - The emerging Trend

There always is a flip side to every coin. This stands true even to situations we face. As the world is fighting this deadly virus, the on-site workstations have been substituted by “Work From Home”. There are abundant companies who have made this radical change of “Work from Home”  a permanent one.

Work from Home tends to provide employees with a working space that fits in their comfort zones. They can work at times that suit them the best which in turn increases their productivity. It also saves time that people otherwise use to commute from home to their workplace.

Redefining Business Approach:

This is the time to evaluate business strategy and fit into the new normal. The team has been prudently looking at the different disruptive business solutions to help clients in every possible way & evaluate our processes and redefine it in a way that gives us a competitive edge over the others. The idea is to think out of the box to ensure we can find the best solutions which can help our customers in every possible way.

SMHFC Cares - For Customers

Our relationship with the customers is built over time, nourished by experiences along with multiple physical touch points in the journey, grounded in expectations and confirmed through repeated interactions. Customer-Centricity has always been a part of our core value and has been a value each of us has diligently preached. This focus helped us redesign our processes in times like these with ease while continuing to keep our customers at the center. 

New Products –

Along with introduction of Loan to purchase Non Residential Property (NRP), SMHFC has also added LAP (Loan Against Property)to its portfolio specifically to help customers to deal with any financial crunch they might be facing.

Extending the Moratorium to Customers Smartly:

In the month of April & May, as against the general practice, we took a strong stand to support our customers in these testing times. Understanding that most of our customers are self-employed and are affected due the lockdown, we extended the Moratorium to all and gave them an option to let us know in case they wished to pay. We reached out to each and every customer over a phone call and checked which option they would want to go for.

Reaching out to Customers:

Customers are a big part of Svatantra Family. Our team has been in regular touch with our customers to check on their health, to know how they are dealing with the lockdown and be a part of their journey during this phase.

Optimizing the use of our Digital Platforms:

Innovation is at the heart of Svatantra’s work. In the past too Svatantra has always been at the forefront of many new developments in the industry, such as paperless application process, cashless collection, and digitizing the entire operational process etc. This has been the most helpful in these times, when we had to serve our customers remotely. SMHFC has once again leveraged its technological excellence and started getting soft-copy of documents over the phone to save time and processed applications for new customers.

SMHFC Cares - Employee First

As a team, we are doing our best to sail through this moment of unprecedented times for the first time. Measures are taken to ensure that the employees, irrespective of their location, feel safe and secure about their work and stay connected. We know that panic spreads faster than the virus. We are fighting this battle to ensure that we emerge winners when the dust settles down.

Virtual Awareness Sessions on Health and Hygiene:

The most obvious and the most important cogitation is the Safety and Health of our Employees. Improper hygiene can increase the spread of the virus and at the same time put multiple lives in danger. To curb this, all the employees were given a virtual training about the dos and don’ts regarding COVID-19. All the employees were explained the “Code Red”, our parent company, Aditya Birla Group’s app especially dedicated to ensure that employees get the best help in case of any emergency.  Employee guidelines, masks, mental health, arogya setu, others

Work from Home made possible:

Transitioning all the employees from on-site to remote working is not a pettifogging exercise. It was ensured that all our employees have the necessary equipment to set up their workstations at home. Employees were provided with Laptops, printers, Wifi dongles or any such equipment that they needed to work from home and ensure continuity of service to our customers. ‘Trust’ which is our core value has played an important role during this crisis. All our employees have been working diligently and have adapted to the new ‘Work From Home’ transition.

Reopening Operations:

As the restrictions are being lifted in a phased manner and a certain percentage of employees can work from the on-site, it was ensured that all our employees stay protected when they come to work. Sanitizers have been placed at every table in the office, social distancing norms put in place, Temperature checks, availability of masks and all the necessary documents have been provided for. Employees were also given training about how they are to use the documents and what precautions they have to take at their end when they resume work.

Engaged and productive workforce -

Learning and development of team members has also been an important priority, various courses are made available to employees via Svatantra’s E-learning platform and other online learning platforms so that Employees can optimize this time to upskill.